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You Shouldn’t Jail Break Your iPhone ?


People love jail breaking their iPhone, as it opens up further possibilities with iPhone. But it had its problems too. Here we are trying to explain why you shouldn’t jail break your iPhone.

Safety and stability will be lost forever

It’s true that jail breaking opens up plenty of options, so that you can easily increase the functionalities of your iPhone. But you will have to deal with some unexpected behavior too. Extensions and add-ons added by extending the abilities can be costly as this can lead to crash. And don’t expect you will get helps from support team. You are by your own if any issue pops up. Jail breaking makes it harder to solve a problem. You may need more time to find solutions to your problem.

In addition to this, security expert bet that jail breaking is not safe for your iPhone from the security perspective. You have not just opened up new possibilities, your device is opened up to vulnerabilities too. Its important to take preventive measures too, when you jail break your iPhone.

Getting update to IOS is not that easy as you think

Jail broken device is not that friendly to your imagination. When you update iPhone, you will lose jail break too. In that case you need to re-jail break and again after that you will have to reinstall all jail broken apps. There are tools to help you out in this process but still it doesn’t mean that you are doing an actual OS update. Jail Broken iPhone takes longer to update, this is really frustrating for any iPhone user, especially when there is a major update with lot of features. You will have to restore often

Gets into restoration often

It’s easy to jail break an iPhone, if things work really well. But there may situations where jail breaking fails in the middle. At this stage, you will have to repeat the process again and that is really irritating. Or else you will find restoring iPhone so often and restoration is a time consuming process as well. If anything pops up while trying to jail break then be prepared to lose more time. This is considered to be an exceptional situation though.

Jail broken apps are not cheap, especially the good ones!

People don’t prefer paying for apps on iTunes store that’s the other reason for jail breaking. But good apps are always costly, you will hate paying them as well. There are amazing apps but the best ones are often paid and cost much more than you imagine, this can go higher than iTunes store. If you are not ready to spend for the best options then there is no point in keeping your iPhone in jail broken state.

Jail breaking is not good for every user, if you are too good technically then probably you can just try it. But still it is not that safe to jail break your iPhone. Before jail breaking do a clear background study and don’t jump into conclusions. Hope you got a clear idea on why you shouldn’t jail break your iPhone