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Windows 10 Tricks You Need To Know


Windows 10

  • World most personal digital assistant, a whole new normal way of interacting with your PC
  • Windows apps will now be widespread and run across PC, tablet, phone, etc
  • Project Spartan is a new browser for Windows 10
  • A Unified settings menu with new Action Centre that provides more toggles for switching on or off Wi-Fi and other settings

Few tricks, you must have to know of Windows 10:

Take Control Of The Start Menu:

  • One of the major problems with Windows 10’s predecessor, Windows 8, was be short of a Start menu. Microsoft replaced it with a touch friendly Start screen which left desktop and laptop users with a mouse and keyboard.
  • It added great features of the Start screen, such as “live tiles” for getting information from applications without opening them.

Make Windows 10 More Private:

  • The personal assistant Cortana, for instance, remembers everything you tell them and keeps tabs on what you do on the system so they can offer you better proposals and recommendations.

Get Fewer Notifications:

  • With lots of apps and Windows features using notifications, the Action Center can rapidly get messy, or just upset you with continual pop ups. That’s particularly true when your new computer comes pre-loaded with a lot of software and apps you do not need.

Get The Look You Want:

  • The Personalization area lets you modify the lock screen image and save collections of backgrounds, colors and sounds as “themes” as well as edit how the Start menu works.

Visit The Old Control Panel:

  • Windows 10 shipped with a smooth Settings screen which has most of the options you will want. You can find it below Start Settings.
  • But while the new Settings screen is helpful for the basics, it does not have all the options an additional advanced user may want. Luckily, you can get to the old Windows Control Panel with no problem.