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OnePlus – A chance to win Oneplus3T mobile, Amazon gift vouchers upto 2000Rs and a lucky winner will get 1 CRORE

OnePlus – A chance to win Oneplus3T mobile, Amazon gift vouchers upto 2000Rs  and a lucky winner will get 1 CRORE.

 As we all know Oneplus is one of the biggest selling product and will be always on news with its specifications. Its latest product ONEPLUS 3T mobile which is one of the most selling product in the market, and now oneplus as given a chance to get this mobile for free. Thinking how to get it just follow up the document.


Oneplus is back with its new contest – Best Smartphone Contest in which you can get Oneplus 3T mobile for free and Amazon gift vouchers upto 2000Rs by completing simple task (well I can say it very very simple) and also lucky winner will get 1 Crore. Isn’t it great? So here is how you can do it.

Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: SignUp to this link Contest oneplus

You can directly login with your Gmail account or Facebook account.

Step 2: Once you are done with logging in, you can see a ENTER NOW button – click on it.

Step 3: Now here is the entry point to earn points. There will be 6 task which will be available in regular intervals. Starting From March 8th till April 12th on every Wednesday one task will be unlocked. You can complete all the task which is unlocked at any point of time.

Step 4: Once you are done with your task. Go to claim prize and just claim your amazon gift voucher.

Task list and its description

Best Smartphone Contest Task Title Points
Task 1 Spread the love 200
Task 2 Find the hidden Oneplus 3T 200
Task 3 DashCharge – Watch a video and answer the question 200
Task 4 Complete a jigsaw puzzle from the shot on Oneplus collection and share 200
Task 5 Core Value – Unjumble the OnePlus slogan 200
Task 6 The Final Countdown

What you do with 1 crore? Share your response


Here is the full guide of the contest:

  1. SignUp :

Once you are signup with this link oneplus Signup

You will be having an option of creating a fresh account or if you have a Gmail or facebook account you can directly signin with your social account. To complete these task one must have one of facebook or twitter account. If you don’t have one of these go ahead and create one account in one of these social website or else you might lose a chance to get amazon gift voucher or ONEPLUS 3T mobile or 1 crore. No1 knows when we will be lucky so never miss any chance when you get contest like this.

  1. Earn Points:

You can earn points only through completing the above mentioned task. All the 6 tasks are very simple and you will be earning 200 points per task.

1st task – You have to share the link

2nd task – There will be 9 images, among the 9 images in one image there will be an oneplus3 mobile. You have to identify it and you need click that image.

3rd task – You need a watch a video and you need answer the question. These video is about oneplus 3 dash charging.

Here is the answers for the questions

Answers: 300%, Adapter, Dash charging, Overheating, Voltage.

4th task – There will be jumble picture which is taken by oneplus3. You need to arrange it properly

5th task – There will be a set of letters displayed in some order. You need come out with a oneplus slogan with those set of letters.

Answer – Never Settle

6th task – If you get 1 crore what you would like do with it. You have to share your thoughts

As I have mentioned these task are completely easy to earn points. Once you earn 800 points you will eligible to claim the Amazon gift voucher.


Redemption: How to redeem????? Here is the way

There are three Amazon gift vouchers –

1: 500Rs Gift Voucher

To get this voucher you must be having 800 points.

2: 1000Rs Gift Voucher

To get this voucher you must be having 1000 points.

  1. 2000Rs Gift Voucher

To get this voucher you must be having 1200 points.

You can grab your gift vouchers which will be available on every Wednesday at 12 pm.

WEEK Money – No. of cards – Points needed
Week 4 500Rs – 5000 cards- 800 points
Week 5 500Rs – 2500 cards- 800 points

1000Rs – 3000 cards- 1000 points

Week 6 2000Rs – 1000 cards- 1000 points

500Rs – 2500 cards- 800 points


  1. You can use 1200 points to participate in Lucky draw contest.

What is Lucky draw contest???

If like to get 1 crore, you need to participate in this contest. Here you need use your 1200 points to enroll in this contest. In this contest 10ppl will be selected by system. Among those 10 people a winner will be selected, and he will be getting 1 CRORE.



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