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How Many Ad Units Per Page are Allowed in Adsense?

Google Adsense is World’s largest contextual Ad network. If you are an Adsense user, you might have realized that no matter how many Adsense alternatives we talk about, Adsense is undoubtedly the best Ad network. Millions of people are using it on their website and making hell lot of money. However, not everyone is happy with Adsense due to its strict policies. They permanently disable the account that violates their guidelines.Hence, it’s really important to follow their guidelines while using Adsense Ads on your Blog.

If you are new to Google Adsense, you might ask a common question,

How many Adsense ad units can I display on one web page?
What is the maximum number of Adsense ad units allowed per page?.
Google Adsense offers various types of Ads. Based on appearance,you might see following kinds of Adsense Ads.

Rich media
Animated Image
AudioLink units
However, all the above-mentioned Ad types can be categorized into 3 kinds of Ad Units. They are:

AdSense Content Unit
AdSense Link Unit
AdSense For Search

Here is the information regarding the Maximum Number of Adsense Ad units allowed on a web page.

How Many Adsense Ad Units Per Page are Allowed?

 Earlier, Adsense used to allow only 3 Ad Units per page to Normal Users and up to 6 Ad Units to its Premium Partners. However, it has recently made changes to its Policies and has now allowed its publishers to use an unlimited amount of Ads on a page.It means,

You can add an Unlimited Number of Adsense Ad units on your Web Page.

Note: According to the new Adsense policies, publishers can add multiple ad units in every page, as long as the content is still prominent than ads. It means you should not fill your whole site with Ads even if it doesn’t have enough contents.

Is it useful for Bloggers?
Yes, Of course. The limitation of 3 Ads per unit was a bit frustrating especially for those bloggers who post long articles(normally in more than 1000 words). The new policy of Adsense allows them to use an unlimited number of Ads on their blog posts. It will definitely increase their Earnings.

Although you can now use an unlimited number of Adsense Ads on your blog, I still suggest you not to use more than 6 Ads on a Page. Use of more Ads will make your blog look spammy and might affect user experience as well.

Wrapping it up
As I mentioned earlier, Google has lifted the Ad limit restriction. So, as long as your ads do not exceed your content, you are free to place as many ad as you want. Adsense has explicitly mentioned:

“We may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.”

Hence, In order to keep your Adsense account safe, do not fill your site with Ads.

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