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How To Discover The Hidden Games In Android Phone

How To Discover The Two Hidden Games In Your Android Smart Phone:- Smart phones which have newer versions of Android have a secret game inbuilt in them. This game is hidden and you have to find it. But who doesn’t like to play the game of treasure and hunt? We all do love it and that’s exactly why Android has hidden those games for us to have fun finding them and playing them. Newer versions of Android like Kitkat, Lollipop and Marshmallow have an inbuilt game inside them. Also, there is an addicting game hidden inside our favourite browser of all the time; Google Chrome. Let’s dig into the article to mine the hidden games, shall we?

The Android Version Game

My Android version is lollipop. Let’s find out the lollipop surprise.

  • Launch the Settings app by clicking on its icon.


  • When the Settings app launches, you have to scroll down and find the option entry by the nameAbout phone. Click on it to view its contents.


  • A next, tap continuously on Android version as shown in the screenshot given below.


  • This will open a new page that shows a lollipop to you. If you click on the lollipop it will change its colour.


  • You can see a lollipop of different colour now. As next, long press on the lollipop to open up the hidden game.


  • Viola!! Now enjoy the flappy inspired lollipop game right from this newly found surprise page. You can repeat the same steps for other new versions of Android as well.

The Chrome Dino And Its Secret


  • Make sure that you are not connected to the Internet via mobile data or WiFi. Now launch the Chrome browser and try to access any site. This will show you a message telling that you are offline with a dino at the top. Simply tap the dino once and it will start moving. Avoid all the trees and the birds. Tap somewhere on the screen to jump.


  • If you hit any of the obstacles, the game will be over.


  • As the game advances, the speed and the difficulty level increases. Have fun playing with the dino!!

Hope you will uncover the hidden games today itself. Refer the article to your friends as well. Stay tuned for more updates, tricks and tips.


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