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how to Disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense in Windows


Wi-Fi sensing is a powerful feature included in Windows operating system that automatically detects all the nearer Wi-Fi networks. With the help of this feature you can easily access internet by providing some key information like password, etc. In all the previous versions of Windows operating systems up to Windows XP user need to install the Wi-Fi sensing software’s manually. But, in Windows 7, Windows 8 and all the latest Windows operating systems, Microsoft has already added the software regarding the Wi-Fi sensing and you can easily enable this functionality during the operating system Installation.

But, in all the Windows operating system you need to disable the Wi-Fi manually whenever required. The users who are not familiar with Wi-Fi settings and do not know how to disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense will face lot of issues. So, in this article we are providing the complete information to disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense which will help to beginners. Let’s see the steps to disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense.

How to disable Wi-Fi Sense in Windows XP:

Step 1- At first, go to the control panel and inside the control panel; select the “Wireless Network Connection” option

Step 2- Now, click on the particular wireless network connection that you want to disable after that right click on that icon and click on the disable option to disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense.

Apart from this, you can also delete the particular Wi-Fi connection by clicking on the properties and then select the particular Wi-Fi network and remove it.

How to disable Wi-Fi Sense in Windows 7 and Windows 8:

There are several ways to disable the Wi-Fi Sense in Windows that are listed below:

Step1- At first, click on start menu and select “Settings” option, from the all listed options on Windows startup menu.

Step 2- After that choose the “Network and Internet” and then “Wi-Fi” option from all the displayed options.

Step 3- Inside, the Wi-Fi menu bar select the “Manage Wi-Fi option” that allows to manage the Wi-Fi settings in Windows.

In this dialog box, you can easily disable Windows Wi-Fi Sense by selecting or clicking on disable Wi-Fi option of Wi-Fi setting dialog box.