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How To Disable Balloon Tips in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Balloon Tip, those yellow popups, is a nice little feature that pops up from the taskbar making an attempt to induce your attention to visualize things like new emails, security settings, new updates. They could be terribly helpful however can even be quite annoying to distract you from the work you’re doing. So fully disabling it makes good sense to keep you focused.

Here is a simple written account hack to keeps balloon from stoning up.

Open Registry Editor by pressing Win+R keyboard route, type in “regedit”, and hit Enter. And then navigate to the subsequent location:

Right-click to create a replacement DWORD, name it EnableBalloonTips. Setting the value to zero that turns the balloon off. You will have to be compelled to either exit and log back in or restart your laptop to activate it.

Note that since the key is belong to HKEY_Current_User, the change you created solely apply to the current user. The other users, if any, remain the same with Balloon Tips enabled.

This registry hack is not new. In fact, it’s so previous that you will decision it old-school trick. But the fascinating half is, the old-school trick still work in the approaching Window 8, though Balloon Tips in Windows eight behavior a very little otherwise from in Windows seven.

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