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We / accept sponsored post or guest post. Piece of article written by you will be promoting through our blog.

Hey Guys, if you want to publish an article to our blog/website [ ], then we will love to publish your writing at free of cost. All you need is to write the article with unique content and send to us ( We will check your writing skill, and then we will publish it to our

sponsored post

But, if you want to promote your company or any product through a post, then the article will be flagged as “Sponsored Article” or “Promoted Content” and you’ve to pay money for it. Read the FAQ to know more about the “Sponsored Post“.

What type of post/article do we allow as the sponsored post?

Ans: We would like to inform you that we only accept technology related tutorial and technology related product review.

What is the cost of a sponsored post?

Ans: You’ve to pay $70 – $100 (USD) only for each sponsored post (One Time Payment).

Do we provide do-follow backlink?

Ans: Yes, we provide two backlinks. One is do-follow and other is no-follow. Note: If you need additional do-follow backlink in the same post, then you’ve to pay $20 (USD) for each link.

How do you pay us?

Ans: We accept payment through “PayPal“.

When do you’ve to pay?

Ans: We don’t accept payment before publishing your content to our blog. Once your post is live on our site, you’ll send you the post link and the payment link or ID.

Who has to write the article?

Ans: Obviously, you’ve to write the article. Because we don’t know what do you want to publish actually. So, you’ve to publish the article, as you want to publish the article.

Do we modify sponsored the post?

Ans: No, we don’t modify any sponsored article. But, we make internal link building to improve the score of readability of the article. And we don’t modify the anchor text of the do-follow link.

How do you send the article to us?

Ans: You’ve to write the article in .docx format and send to ( this email address (don’t forget to insert all the images into the .doc file). Also, you’ve to send all the images into a zip file.

When do we publish the article?

Ans: We publish the article within 24 hours after receiving.

Will readers catch that it is a paid content?

Ans: No, readers will not understand that it is a paid content of sponsored post.

Do we share sponsored post to the social media?

Ans: Yes, we share every article (including sponsored post) to Facebook and Twitter through our fan page.

Do we update the article if you need?

Ans: Yes, we update the article as you want. But, you’ve to update the article within 3 months (90 days). If you need to update the article after 3 months, then you’ve to pay $10 (USD) only.

Do we add any do-follow backlink in the existing article which is written and published by our author?

Ans: No, most of the time we don’t allow any do-follow backlink in the existing article which is written and published by our author. But, if you really want to add a do-follow link of your website, then you’ve to pay for it. And the pricing is negotiable.

If you’ve any question, then please contact us.