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Did your phone get Lollipop Still? Here are some useful tips for Android 5.0

It’s easy to be duped by the ostensibly straightforward aesthetic of Google’s Material style language, yet, Android 5.0 Lollipop offers additional depth than you would possibly see initially look. It’s a pretty major overhaul, lined with lock-screen notifications and tools for saving battery life, so even veterans of the platform might be a bit lost initially. In this roundup, we supply some automaton five.0 Lollipop tips to facilitate you uncover handy options and realize shortcuts to what you would like, whether you wish to quickly silence your smartphone or wireless solid a myriad of content on your high-definition TV via a Chromecast.

How to fastly access quick settings

You might be annoyed considering one swipe merely brings down the notification shade with an inventory of your notifications and you have got to swipe a second time to induce into your fast settings. If you want to induce straight into those fast settings while not a second swipe, then just swipe down with 2 fingers instead of one.

How to silence your device

Gone is the old silent mode from automaton five.0 (you used to be able to hold Volume all the way down to quickly silence your device). If you hold Volume down now, the volume will just go lower while not each turning into silenced . You can faucet the bell icon to change to vibrate solely. You can utterly silence your device by pressing the quantity rocker so sound None, but that suggests that you won’t receive any notifications the least bit. If you’ve taken the time to set up your Priority notifications via Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications, then you’ll have fine-grained control over what notifications you receive. You can set None and Priority to last indefinitely or specify a selected quantity of your time, which is handy for conferences. You can conjointly schedule regular period wherever solely Priority notifications come back through via Settings > Sound & notification > Interruptions. You’ll know once Priority mode is on as a result of it shows a star icon in the top-right of the display.

How to agitate notifications

We simply mentioned the Priority system in the last tip. You can set Priority apps for notifications in Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications and you’ll toggle Priority mode on and off via the quantity choice, or you can schedule it in Settings > Sound & notification > Interruptions.

You can conjointly set notifications for individual apps directly from any notification by sound and holding thereon before sound the “i” icon. By default, you’ll find that notifications show up on the lock screen, too, but you will modification that by sound once device is barred in Settings > Sound & notification.

If you use a PIN, Password, or Pattern lock, then you can realize a Sensitive choice among every app in Settings > Sound & notification > App notifications, which lets you hide doubtless sensitive content visible in lock screen notifications for that specific app.

How to produce profiles

The ability to form profiles and dictate what they need access to is very handy for shared tablets. To get started, pull down your notification shade and tap on your profile image in the top-right corner. There’s a Guest profile there by default, which is nice if you’re passing your phone to somebody and you wish to form positive they don’t unearth something they shouldn’t. For more customization choices you will produce new profiles via Add user. Just keep in mind to set up a Lock pattern, PIN, or Password for any profile you don’t wish others accessing.

How to pin your screen

If the guest profile doesn’t go far enough to shield your privacy after you pass your phone to somebody else, then the ability to pin an app on your screen ought to fulfill. It will stop curious friends or curious toddlers from switch faraway from the open app. To turn it on head to Settings > Security and scroll all the way down to activate Screen promise. Now faucet the summary (multitasking or recent apps) button and you’ll see a inexperienced pin at the bottom right of every app. Tap on that and you’ll pin it, which can fix it on screen till you faucet and wait and summary along. If you have a Pattern, PIN, or Password set up then you’ll specify that it should be entered so as to undo the app.

How to get wherever you would like quickly

There are tons of automaton five.0 Lollipop shortcuts to get at what you would like during a hurry. On the lock screen, you can faucet and swipe the padlock up to unlock your device, but you will conjointly swipe left to navigate straight into the phone app or right to launch the camera. Don’t worry about checking every choice to realize what you would like in Settings, simply faucet the magnifying glass icon within the prime right and sort in your search question. For example, typing “wifi” can pastor a list of each Wi-Fi-related choice on your phone.

Remember you will conjointly use Google currently to seek out things and quickly launch apps. Just faucet and drag the Home clam up to the Google image, say “Ok Google,” and you can “Launch eBay” rather than having to penetrate your app drawer.


You can examine wherever all that juice goes in Settings > Battery, but fortunately, you also have battery saver choice currently.

On the Battery screen, simply faucet the 3 vertical dots in the prime right so select Battery saver and toggle it on.

You can set it to mechanically activate at five or fifteen p.c if you would like. It kills unnecessary vibrations, limits performance, and stops background data. That means you’ll have to be compelled to open apps like email to synchronize them. Moreover, the feature will mechanically flip itself off once you plug your phone into a charger.

How to solid your screen

Unsurprisingly, Google has actually designed Chromecast support directly into automaton five.0 Lollipop. That means you not have to be compelled to trouble with the cumbersome Chromecast app. Simply pull down the notification shade with 2 fingers and faucet the solid icon to mirror your show on your huge TV via a near Chromecast. Individual apps such as Netflix still display the solid icon among them, though.

HOW TO USE sensible LOCK

This can be a handy time saver if you utilize a PIN, Password, or Pattern lock. The Smart Lock feature in Settings > Security will be accustomed mechanically unlock your device in bound places or once specific Bluetooth or NFC accessories square measure connected.

If you’ve paired your phone with your car’s Bluetooth system or a smartwatch, for instance, then you can set either as a trustworthy device and use them to stay your phone or pill unsecured. You can conjointly set a location, such as your home, as a Trusted place thus your device remains unsecured whereas you’re there.

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