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How to Create a User Friendly Website

If you compare the web of back in the days and that of today, it has been transformed into an ever-growing universe of intertwined web pages and web apps, packed with videos, photos, and interactive content. The ability to create new generations of useful and captivating web experiences has arisen with the web technologies evolvement that has taken place over the years.

The concepts that one should consider before creating a website are:

  1. Design –The design of a website isn’t only the layout but also the personality that holds the site. It is also the first thing that a user will view when entering a page which will mark a first impression. Design isn’t only about the appearance but also the ‘how’ and ‘why’ one would want to use your website i.e. the rapidity at which you deliver new features and contents.
  2. Put yourself in the shoes of your users –Keeping in mind what users would look for in a website is paramount in every decision taken towards the creation of a website. The designs that you choose for you website should enable your users to reach their goals swiftly,efficiently and, most importantly satisfaction.
  3. Detailed design –The attention paid towards every little details can change a design from being just good to great! This will also change the attitude of users from being annoyed to happy with your website.
  4. The use of white space –While making use of different shades of colours might look super attractive to many, the use of white is primordial when it includes content. Proper use of white space gives users a break to process information.
  5. Succinct Content readability –One of the key factor on a website is the contents which should be convincing enough to make users stay on your website and even come back. Using the proper tone, easiness to read and being bilateral is the stepping stone towards making a website user-friendly.
  6. Navigation –Another key factor that users will look for on a website is the effectiveness of navigation. Having accessible, clutter-free and simplified navigating tools on a website will make it friendly for the visitors. Having a ‘Search bar’ will be at users’ advantage as this will add search functionality to your website, a smart way to assist visitors in their search.

Not many websites have adopted the above nowadays, which has led to a dropped number of visitors. Some of the most popular websitesthat users find at their taste due to being user friendly websites are Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, Baidu, Amazon, Wikipedia, Twitter and many more, picked by Wikipedia.Amongst the many websites that exist in the present time, a newly launched site has set itself amongst the others, namely Magical Vegas, an online casino site which stands out in a highly competitive industry.

How? The site has gone towards providing its users a responsive website meaning that users may access the website from whichever device they wish and this will not affect the graphics and image quality in any way. Ajax also form part of the novelty that Magical Vegas has brought along whereby users may expect their requests to be much more quicker than on any other websites.

The only way for users to get the best out of nowadays technological development is to visit Magical Vegas!

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