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7 Best alternatives to create your first website


Tumblr is more of a Blogging alternative to WordPress. Tumblr is free of cost and highly recommended platform for all the bloggers who want to show their writing skills. Millions of bloggers use Tumblr to present their blogging skills online.

You can see a wide range of themes that are available; some of these themes come with a cost. So the more attractive themes will probably come along with a price. For the domain names, user can make their own or they can continue by Tumblr domain names. Users can also go one step ahead and make pages using Tumblr. Tumblr supports multi-media like photos and videos along with the word content. It allows people to even comment, although this is a new feature incorporated.

If you write great stuff or even post cool stuff on Tumblr, then chances are higher that you will get a good deal of followers. You can even follow others in the similar fashion. You can even exchange messages over Tumblr. The engagement with Tumblr is much more than that of WordPress. The chances of your blog getting noticed on Tumblr are higher. Inspite of being limited to blogging, Tumblr is a great experience.


Blogger, owned by Google is another contender to WordPress. Most of the blogs will have BlogSpot as a domain extension. Blogger is out in the market for quite a long time. The tool is simple to use, if you ever wonder to get your writing skills a platform within minutes, Blogger is a right match for you.

More than a decade into the industry proves the credibility of this platform, so this puts the doubts to the rest. Now, if you want to give some extra touch to your content, you may pick themes that you like, and get started. To add icing on the cake, you have the liberty to get around 100 blogs to your account. You can even monetize your blogs if you are really good at your blogging skills. For avid bloggers, it is worth a shot.