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6 Sure shot ways to generate leads from Twitter

As a marketer, it will be hard to justify the time spent online if you are not getting any significant revenue.

Well, the current focus on digital marketing highlights the need to prioritize for more and more lead generation through a relevant marketing channel.

Imagine entering into your office on that “Monday blues” and finding out dozen of hot leads flowing into your Twitter funnel. What a relieved way to start a business on Monday!!

To bring this imagination into reality, you need to leverage Twitter with some advanced tactics. So let’s unlock those keys to put quality leads into your Twitter inbox…

Better understand the Twitter Sales Process

It is no doubt that you may end up frustrating and justify that Twitter is just a waste of time if you immediately start applying the traditional marketing strategies. Instead, make a deep understanding on how the Twitter sales work. In order to do this, understand how the overall sales process has changed in recent years.

There are a few things you can do to speed up the process, i.e. respond to your tweets, take part in relevant Twitter chats and engage with influencers, etc.

Include yourself in Twitter chats on a daily basis

You need not to be on Twitter 24 hours to be successful. Twitter has some micro communities, which usually discuss about the industry problems in the form of Twitter chats. Including in these tasks is a good idea if your industry has a Twitter chat. These chats are set at a particular day and time every week. Remember to keep hash tags in your chats!

Use a dedicated landing page for Twitter

Creating an effective Twitter landing pages is literally an advanced strategy. You might be thinking how it is useful? Well, being a marketer or social media professional, the ultimate goal is to generate leads on Twitter channel by moving those contacts off Twitter and into your funnel. This is what exactly landing pages do.

It’s easy said than done! Don’t worry; there are lots of free tools available that will help you to create beautiful landing pages.

Now let me get back to those who might not know what landing pages are? Generally, Your Twitter landing page are those pages on your site where you will send people who click on your link.

Make a connection between your blog and Twitter

This is because of the fact that blogs are a great source for businesses with more interesting content to share on Twitter.  Every business will have lead generation calls-to-action on their blog. So connecting your blog to your industry related Twitter account with the help of a tool like HubSpot will really a great way to strengthen more leads from Twitter.

You should be more creative than your competitors

On Twitter, all you need to do is add a creative source into your tweets. It’s all about getting clicked in the stream. Just keep an eye of your competitor’s tweets and think how you can do it in a still better and creative way.  You can show your creativity in a more unique way if you are a photographer, or a poet, or a relationship builder.

Boost your mind and get creative

Lead Generation Cards

Quality leads can even be generated through lead generation cards, which let your followers to send their info to you right through the tweet.

While these cards can be very effective, there are a lot of moving parts to get right.

An instance – put thought into your objective, image, your offer, CTA, description, privacy policy, etc.

Wrapping up…

Hope after reading this article, you’ll be well provided with the knowledge which is sufficient to become an effective Twitter marketer. Remember, the more you have followers on Twitter, the more you achieve quality leads. No matter how good your offer is, if only a handful of people see it, then you can’t make a big achievement.

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