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Webinars for Content Marketing

In last chapter, we have learnt about podcast and how they can be used in content marketing. In this chapter we should learn about webinars.

What are Webinars?

A webinar, in contrast to podcasts, goes a bit further, as it is a participatory experience, where attendees can access the conference via a weblink or a meeting invitation.

Tips to create a successful Webinar

  • Research the problems your customers are facing and always tackle these issues in your webinars.
  • Your webinar can be a how-to content which offers specific steps and information or thought provoking and strategic content. Decide which one works best for your customers.
  • Create a storyboard where you have the structure of your webinar fully laid out. This helps you to progress logically and step by step through the webinar without confusing participants.
  • Create really catchy titles such as “Top 5 Essential Strategies for Creating a Killer Facebook Page.”

Benefits of Using Webinars

  • Webinars, or webcasts as they are alternatively called, are very effective for B2B content marketing.
  • Webinars are primarily looked upon as educational content and helps you to set yourself as a thought leader in the business.
  • By offering quick and actionable tips that resonate with your audience, you can earn their trust and word-of-mouth recommendation.
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