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Naming a thread

The Thread class provides methods to change and get the name of a thread.

  1. public String getName(): is used to return the name of a thread.
  2. public void setName(String name): is used to change the name of a thread.

Example of naming a thread:

  1. class TestMultiNaming1 extends Thread{
  2.   public void run(){
  3.    System.out.println(“running…”);
  4.   }
  5.  public static void main(String args[]){
  6.   TestMultiNaming1 t1=new TestMultiNaming1();
  7.   TestMultiNaming1 t2=new TestMultiNaming1();
  8.   System.out.println(“Name of t1:”+t1.getName());
  9.   System.out.println(“Name of t2:”+t2.getName());
  10.   t1.start();
  11.   t2.start();
  12.   t1.setName(“Sonoo Jaiswal”);
  13.   System.out.println(“After changing name of t1:”+t1.getName());
  14.  }
  15. }
Output:Name of t1:Thread-0
       Name of t2:Thread-1
       id of t1:8
       After changeling name of t1:Sonoo Jaiswal

The currentThread() method:

The currentThread() method returns a reference to the currently executing thread object.

Syntax of currentThread() method:

  • public static Thread currentThread(): returns the reference of currently running thread.

Example of currentThread() method:

  1. class TestMultiNaming2 extends Thread{
  2.  public void run(){
  3.   System.out.println(Thread.currentThread().getName());
  4.  }
  5.  }
  6.  public static void main(String args[]){
  7.   TestMultiNaming2 t1=new TestMultiNaming2();
  8.   TestMultiNaming2 t2=new TestMultiNaming2();
  9.   t1.start();
  10.   t2.start();
  11.  }
  12. }
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