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Done Writing Quality Content – What’s Next?

This is a follow up article for the how do I start a blog and make money online series that we have been publishing on this site to help users get started and create a successful blog.

Indisputably, quality content is what makes any successful blog what it is today. Writing a remarkable article of 500 words is ten times better than investing $500 for your blog. That is because the visitors might fail to notice the investment of $500, but that extraordinary article on the blog will definitely be perceived and cherished as well.

All bloggers are contemplating to have the word “Successful” as a predecessor and for that, they play a ‘game’ on a daily basis. The game is called “Blogging”. The primary mission in this ‘game’ is producing unique, quality, helpful and exceptional content and this mission begins along with the game, and does not have any end.

This article is going to discuss about the things one has to do along and after writing the so-called quality content.

First Things First

Always remember that as mentioned above, there is no end to the ‘mission’ of writing quality content. This means that the title doesn’t ask you to stop writing. It just advises you on what to do after writing it. So basically, it opines you about the activities one should perform after publishing individual posts/pages. Similarly, if you just own a site about something and don’t have a blog on it – this yet applies to you as well.

Following are some ideas you should follow once you’re done with the quality content.

Updating The Former Posts Regularly

If your blog publishes a new post on a regular basis (frequency depends on the blog owner), then always keep an alarm in your mind about updating the earlier posts as well. You’re advised to do so because when new posts are published, information about them might have been mentioned inside the previous posts. To add some hint about the new post, what you should do is known as “Interlinking” inside the old post.

Interlinking the posts is something that search engines love to see. The benefits are also rich. Following are a few –

  • Increased Pageviews
  • Potential To Increase Average Time Of User On Blog
  • Search Engine Friendly

Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, some famous bloggers often used to depend on social media for massive traffic than search engines at some point. Social media has always proven to be an outstanding source of targeted traffic for any site/blog provided that the promotion is done in an effective manner.

A quality post proves itself when it is read.

To let your posts be read by others, you first need to let them know that there is something out there for them to read. Social media is a crucial platform for this activity. There are quite a lot of pages/accounts on social networking sites, which do nothing except posting links. Doing this not only increases the chances of losing the likes/followers etc, but also increases the chance of the account being terminated at some point. Hence, a solution to this is engagement without links. Every now and then, you should try to ‘talk’ about something important within the niche. This keeps the fan base engaged with the page all the time.

Regular SEO Checks

This might sound somewhat useless for now, but it is really important. Regular SEO checks are not so much necessary, but doing so will help you optimize all your posts perfectly, hence making the most of what search engines can provide you with. Usually, posts are optimized at the time of writing them and before publishing them. But SEO checks are mandatory because you might want to change the keywords, alternate texts in images etc. Following are some key things that should be included within the SEO checks –

  • New interlinks (as mentioned in the first point)
  • New outbound links – If you find out that there is a part in the post which is explained in a detailed manner elsewhere, you might want to link there.
  • Keyword changes – if your post isn’t getting ranked well for the current keywords, you might want to change the same and probably keep a long tail keyword or even change it completely.

Regular SEO checks are highly recommended if you’re not getting as much organic traffic as you expected. Doing so not only helps you increase your organic traffic, but also makes you a strong SEO enthusiast!

Add Value To Other Blogs

There is one simple fact of engagement in blogging. If you are expecting others to comment on your blog posts, so are they. It’s not a must that you need to comment on every article on other’s blog, but at least one or two so that the blog owner knows that you’ve been through their blog and their content. There are several benefits of commenting on other blogs. Mentioned below are just two (there are others that are not mentioned here) –

  • Building relationships – If you want to make a name and get an identity that is known by many in your blog’s niche, you need to build relationships with as many fellow niche members as you can. Blog commenting has proven to be an ultimate way of doing this. Here’s an example – If you leave your words on a post in someone’s blog for the first time, the author/blog owner is likely to visit your blog and add value to it as well provided that the comment you left was worth reading. Hence, the cycle often leads to a short chat on Twitter and then the engagement continues.
  • Backlinks – If you’re not an SEO enthusiast, you might not have any tool to check whether the blog you’re commenting is do-follow or no-follow. But if you’re really looking to build backlinks, you can find out if it is a do-follow blog and hence leave a comment there. However, this is not at all recommended because comments are not exchanged, they’re made.

Follow the above mentioned points and over time you should start to see more readers to your blog.

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