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Type Casting in C

ype casting allows us to convert one data type into other. In C language, we use cast operator for type casting which is denoted by (type).


  1. (type)value;

Note: It is always recommended to convert lower value to higher for avoiding data loss.

Without Type Casting:

  1. int f= 9/4;
  2. printf(“f : %d\n”, f );//Output: 2

With Type Casting:

  1. float f=(float) 9/4;
  2. printf(“f : %f\n”, f );//Output: 2.250000

Type Casting example

Let’s see a simple example to cast int value into float.

  1. #include <stdio.h>    
  2. #include <conio.h>  
  3. void main(){
  4. clrscr();
  5. float f= (float)9/4;
  6. printf(“f : %f\n”, f );
  7. getch();
  8. }


f : 2.250000
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